The news headlines we encounter daily are mere surface ripples of far more powerful ocean currents. While many are distracted by these insignificant ripples, the underlying trends are fundamentally shaping our world. We must identify these currents, discern when they change course, and comprehend the impact when they collide. The world changes when Megatrends collide.

    Join me on a captivating rollercoaster ride of insight and discovery as we delve into the significant megatrends reshaping our future. We will explore divergent demographics, new economic regimes in the USA, Europe and China, the geopolitical forces that change the global fabric, the impact of environmental change on economic value chains, generational change, and ground-breaking new technologies.

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    In a rapidly changing world, new opportunities continually emerge. Various technologies are poised to harness these possibilities.

    Join me on a fascinating journey as we explore what is technologically possible in this dynamic landscape. The renowned Professor Jim Dator’s 2nd law of futures stated, “Any useful prediction of the future should appear to be ridiculous.

    Join me as we delve into 40 predictions of the future, elucidating how these seemingly ridiculous headlines promise to transform our world forever.

    Selected Headlines:

    • Do we really need a 5G chicken sniffer? London, 9 April 2029.
    • Will Artificial Intelligence kill the Roman legal system? – Washington, 22 August 2029
    • Tomato Granny – the new food detective – Frankfurt am Calabria, 7 May 2026
    • Swedish Traffic officers banned from talking to cars – Stockholm, 12 August 2026
    • Super Poo sold for millions – Zurich, 24 September 2028
    • Earth goes Gaga over Mars Burgers, 6 June 2036
    • Meteorite Mayhem: Mauritius and SpaceX Face Off in Global Legal Battle, 6 May 2041.

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