Pieter Geldenhuys and Mia Slabbert have launched controversial book called "Headlines from the Future".


Headlines from the Future is mash-up of historical oddities, scientific fact, economic paradoxes,technological breakthroughs and political faults lines - aimed to give the book substance. It is flavoured by handsome helping of human idiosyncrasies to position the headlines in ridiculous category. 

Dater’s 2nd Law of Futures:  

 “Any useful idea about the future should appear to ridiculous.” 

Get the news BEFORE it happens:

“20 June 2020: Coronavirus infectees in high demand in Hospitality industry."

4 Match 2022: Court in Stockholm prohibits traffic officers from talking to cars.”

“ 3 March 2024: Amazon furious after losing delivery drones due to anti-flying pineapple technology.” 

“2 August 2025: British retailer rolls out 5G Chicken sniffers.”

“8 August 2025: Man arrested for planning to smoke cancer cells.”

“15 September 2026: High price paid for superior stool samples”

Headlines from the Future is collection of 36 novel predictions that will take you exhilarating intellectual rollercoaster. The book interweaves scientific fact with human unpredictability. It juxtapositions historical lessons with new technological breakthroughs. It challenges the status-quo by identifying hidden fault lines in current economic and political system. It highlights new business opportunities in fast-changing social, technological and political landscape.

As Arthur Schopenhauer said: “All truth passes through three stages. First, it ridiculed. Second, is violently opposed. Third, as accepted as being self-evident.”

We hope that you will enjoy the ridiculous headlines that await you, with the hope will not only help to explore the possibilities of future but also help you leverage the opportunities that holds. I hope that when you read them, they will seem ridiculous, long before they become self-evident.