2035: Exploring a Complex World

Join me on fascinating journey explore the technological changes will change our civilisation beyond recognition. Welcome to future dominated by near abundant energy, CRISPR -CAS9 gene changes and Intelligent machines. Welcome to VUCA world. A world the transport, agriculture, security, medicine, habitat, communication and materials will redefined, and the foundations of civilisation.

In times the only constant is change, organisations to reframe the think, strategy and processes to stay competitive and relevant. We are operating in complex world “best practice fits all” solution to challenges, not give optimum results any more. In presentation these notion of reframing a business to ensure relevancy is discussed and debriefed. Extraordinary possibilities of success and failure lie in between is possible, and is organisational reality. Complexity management as discussed in detail, giving various options of organising value creation in world that finally realizing that human systems are complex systems, and not linear predictable ones.

Business Unusual – Harnessing the promise of Future

The Business Unusual presentation (or strategy workshop) provides invaluable view into chang world of business in Hyper-connected world. It not only allows companies to prepare for the challenges of the future, it empowers agents in creating the future.

Whenever new technology emerges, often takes years for business world to adapt their operational models to take full advantage of opportunities that the new technology offers.

We are once again in midst of technological and social revolution as ubiquitous Internet allows instant communication to anything and anyone that time. Hyper-connectivity, Large data of human behavior patterns, and Machine Learning Algorithms, have unprecedented impact on line value chains and existing business models. The Innovation space is exploding. Everything from retail to manufacturing to services is being redefined, as innovation the interconnected space becomes the key differentiator.

The Business Unusual presentation strives make sense of new opportunities available with this new hyper-connected world as starts unpacking dozens of innovative business models and business trends around the world. The presentation will take the participant on journey into exhilarating world established business models are turned on head, and the mental maps in minds of entrepreneurs defines the business landscape of tomorrow.

Three Men and an Elephant – 25 words to change your view of world

How you navigate your organisation’s journey in increasing volatile and unpredictable world? This presentation focuses on lessons can learn from Nature in managing innovation, market research and organisational change. To more effective in world of innovation, we need to learn from patterns evident in nature.

The 25 words are the bedrock of a competing management science, founded in Complex Adaptive Systems rather than in Linear Physics. The world of Complex Adaptive Systems has been at the centre of research in fields as diverse as Mathematics, Physics, Anthropology, Biology and Sociology for the better part of the last five decades. As the world is becoming increasingly complex, Management theory is starting to encompass these philosophical foundations. Each of these words are explained in graphical detail and is then matched to astonishing real world examples that exemplify excellence in Innovation Management.

Some of the words we discuss are as follows:

• Exaptation – What do dinosaur feathers have to do with cars that are damaged in Thailand’s yearly floods?

• Emergence – What does Mr. Price’s management philosophy have to do with Prussian Military doctrine and bird’s flocking behaviour?

• Self-organising systems  – What can ants teach us about traffic jams?

This journey will not only astound you with novel ideas that were hidden for decades under our very noses, it will also open your mind to new innovative ideas you can harness within your own organisation. TheThree Men and an Elephant presentation is like a rollercoaster ride. The first 5 minutes may be daunting as we climb onto a higher level of understanding, but the rest of the ride is an exhilarating journey of discovery and astonishment that will forever change you view the world.

12 Lessons from the CyberWar Frontier

The world continues to reel from one cyber attack other – and the threat is growing larger by the day. Phishing, worms, attack bots and malware attack computer systems worldwide on a continual basis. This is a reality that makes science fiction look boring.

The 12 Lessons from CyberWar Frontier presentation takes you enlightening journey, highlighting the ingenuity and audacity of both the Cyber Hackers, and the Cyber Sentinels that protect the status quo. The presentation unearths recent events that are truly stranger than fiction.

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The presentation also highlights the threats that are to come, as the Internet of Things (IOT) reality looms larger.

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Finally, the presentation provides the participant with 12 critical lessons will reduce the corporate and personal Cyber threat significantly. The presentation balances valuable life lessons with fascinating narrative the forces of good and evil that battle in Cybersphere daily basis. It is presentation you cannot afford to miss.

Intelligence 2.0: The coming Machine Learning tsunami

Words such as unsupervised and reinforced learning, Open Graphs and Knowledge Graphs, R and Flexible computation sound as belong in Software Engineering department at university, will become common language in most Corporate Boardrooms in not too distant future. Machine Learning, Deep Learning, AI and Robo-advisors are cusp of tsunami will irrevocably change the business world forever after.

The Intelligence 2.0 presentation will provide the audience with invaluable insight into business opportunities that unlocked by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). The presentation will provide overview of AI landscape, discuss the AI value chain, discuss the AI toolsets and provide useful information as organisation can deepen their knowledge of field. The presentation will also highlight a number of case studies and provide practical advice on organisation can leverage the tools are commonly available. The presentation will finally showcase the Digital Transformation journey that would allow a company to leverage the AI revolution to fullest extent.

If your organisation is burning use AI to advantage, you cannot afford to miss the Intelligence 2.0 presentation.

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